In-App Purchase Data Refinery

The 1st iTunes Connect and Google Play In-App Purchase receipt validation cloud service with intelligent user/metadata attribution, business intelligence and reporting.


Our IAP Data Refinery validates iTunes receipts and Google Play purchase orders synchronously and without dependency on the marketplace's upstream API by employing the built-in security features and verifying the cryptographic signatures to prevent all known in-app purchase fraud attack vectors.

This means your app will receive realtime validation responses averaging under 100 milliseconds, you can sleep soundly knowing your in-app purchase revenue is in expert hands.

Validation service flow


Our IAP Data Refinery normalizes your in-app purchases and subscriptions to a single relational database table, tracking purchase, auto-renewing and cancellation states to provide detail and insight of your app's in-app purchase lifecycle across the iTunes and Google Play marketplaces.

The normalization process sources data from the decoded receipts and purchase orders, associated metadata, just-in-time RPC requests to the marketplace API's and the new status update notifications from Apple.

Normalization service flow


Purchases, transactions and subscription updates are delivered via a webhook RPC to your API to keep your user records synchronized with your in-app purchase data.

Subscriptions are monitored and synchronized too, our IAP Data Refinery gathers the latest expiration, product up/down/cross-grade information, cancellation and auto-renewing status.

Syncronization service flow


Developers First

Our IAP Data Refinery at its heart is a developer tool. We enable you to focus on more important things by eliminating the ancillary process and needless complexity of receipt and purchase order validation, providing you complete transparency of your in-app purchase data.

Your apps in-app purchase data is accessible through webhook integrations and fully documented RESTful & GraphQL APIs.

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Our Story

In-app purchase management is an unexpectedly complex task. Starting from the foundations of the problem, we asked ourselves how to achieve transparency of in-app purchase data and how to make its management scalable. IAP Data Refinery is the answer to invalid and unstructured purchases, subscription data and scattered records of receipts and purchase tokens.

We verify your In-app purchases' validity, normalize all the in-app purchase data you are receiving from Apple's and Google's platforms and then synchronize it with your user database. The result is one single source of truth of structured in-app purchase data, primed for export and analysis.

If you're interested in working with us or would simply like more information, please feel free to contact us at, we will be delighted to hear from you.

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