We monitor real-time subscription event notifications from iTunes Connect and Google Play, tracking the validity, expiration date, payment, trial and auto-renewing states and product and user attribution of each subscription.

Fail safe

In case of inconsistencies for whatever reason, we routinely fetch subscription data from iTunes Connect and Google Play to ensure your subscription data remains consistent.

Synchronize your data

Your database will be kept in sync through Webhook event notifications. You also have complete access to your current and historical subscription data through our GraphQL API.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Monitor

Why do I get two events for each new subscription?

When we receive an event notification, we update the existing or create a new In App Purchase resource, we do the same when you send a receipt or purchase order to our Client API. They are considered separate actions, therefor they will create separate events.

Subscription Monitor

What triggers a status update notification?

Any change to a subscription entitlement triggers an event notification, for instance, the auto-renewing status, the expiration date, transition from trial to paid, product up/down/cross-grade, payment delinquency, subscription revoke (i.e. a cancellation from the Apple support) will trigger a notification. Refunds made on the Google Play Console does not change the entitlement, therefor, a notification will not be triggered.