Unified in-app purchase data

We unify your in-app purchase data by refining disparate and ambiguous datasets into a ubiquitous language. User identifiers and metadata are attributed to your purchases for an enriched dataset, seamless cross-platform user experience, and enhanced quality of the metrics that drive your app revenue.
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State-of-the-art fraud protection

In-app purchase fraud impacts your revenue, pollutes your data and distorts your metrics. We block illegitimate purchase attempts to ensure your data is clean and your metrics are accurate. Get event notifications so you can take the opportunity to convert fraudulent users into paying customers.
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Real-time subscription monitoring

Your subscriptions are monitored to detect every change to your users' subscription entitlements, including renewals, cancelations, auto-renew status, trial, introduction and grace periods. Receive an event notification for real-time business intelligence and subscription-to-user attribution.
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Asynchronous event notifications

Subscribe to receive notifications when new purchases, subscriptions or other events are triggered. Consume events with your API to synchronize your database or pipe event information in real-time to other services.
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ETL ready exports for easy ingestion

Your purchase and subscription data exports are federated and refined in a ubiquitous language that requires minimum ETL configuration, so there is no need to differentiate between marketplaces and source product and pricing information.
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Flexible access to your data

Your data is readily accessible through a flexible and extensible GraphQL query interface. Access your resources such as in-app purchases, events, products and more with granular specificity.
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