Our Data Refinery assembles in-app purchase data from app-initiated RPC requests, receipt validation API's, real-time subscription status updates, financial and analytical reports (coming soon) and various other sources to produce a definitive and complete portrait of your in-app purchase data.

Disparate and ambiguous data is refined within a common context, providing a rich, uniformed and integrated in-app purchase data resource regardless of marketplace.


  • Disparate or ambiguous in-app purchase data between different marketplaces are federated within a common context.
  • The most recent metadata and user-identifier from the Client API are attributed.
  • Subscription purchases are expanded to include trial, introduction offer and grace periods
  • Subscription changes such as renewals and up/down/cross-grades are itemized chronologically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Refinery

How do you handle restore iTunes transactions?

Receipts with a restore transaction work similar to a normal purchase. We validate the receipt via our Fraud Shield, then attribute any changes including the user-identifier and metadata to the in-app purchase.

Data Refinery

What happens if there are two users with the same purchase?

We only attribute user to a purchase. Therefor, the latest user-identifier will be recorded. However the timeline of changes will include any previous users.

Data Refinery

What is an App Family?

An App Family is a group of apps of the same name and content published on multiple marketplaces. For instance, an app called "Notes" published on iTunes and Google Play would be considered part of the same App Family.